He was hitting me on the side of the head I don’t know if I can see right now Good morning Jake Paulers Chance and Anthony forgot to go to an audition this morning Bro we messed up The next time you have an audition, you will remember this, ok? Ahh! Yo, what is happening? you guys were late to an audition this morning so you are hitting people they weren’t late They just didn’t turn up like thats Oh snap, you didn’t even go we forgot yeah we’re hollywood (TRIGGEREDDDD) with our today chance and I were talking about it oh really we’re either gonna watch Jace you know you can be a good point if you go survive you’re gonna get some hits on or work straight up does not your eye a favorite flying boy just to be on the ground so guys if you don’t know before we start today I’m fighting a professional MMA fighter today who is also undefeated at the UFC headquarters that’s what they think is going to happen anything I’m going to get knocked out the thing I’m going to look like that that’s all what happened to them that’s why they can run Abilio I said but I guess I watch I’m actually really really nervous for this good morning Jake Paulers I hope you’re smiling I hope sure you’re working hard I hope sure your work I hope you’re working hard make sure you’re dabbing on them haters and if you’re new here I’m Jake Paul this is the team ten house and it is lit every single day BRO LET’S DO THIS THING Mama you know what I’m doing today? No what are you doing now Imma fight a professional MMA fighter no you’re not.

Yeah I am. no you’re not yeah that’s all I’m gonna do. Jake get serious what are you really doing. No I’m I’m fighting a professional MMA fighter why would you be so stupid that’s not stupid what if your face gets all messed up it all is messed up see worse what did you lose your teeth then maybe document for Halloween – Yeah, yeah, that I lost my teeth – but I’ve always wanted to do this it’s like my bucket list, like you have to fight a UFC fighter one day you know no I don’t know you. Will come and watch and support me you know well the only reason I will so when that if somebody has to call nine-one-one really quick it’s me at least you’re supportive okay thanks mom you’re welcome it’s gonna be really bad if I get knocked out in front of my mom I need to warm up and you warm up right yeah come on fight you want to fight well you want to fight I’ve been waiting people’s gonna bite so I wanna fight so yeah hey you should imagine father wheat barley wheat and Raunak Kaul but in the course victory in the left side is ringing backup is this attack beep I don’t know who’s gonna win it by money’s on Jake Paul oh you feel so I was gonna warm up Jake Paul yeah I think I’m ready yo this is by far the stupidest thing you’re in your life yeah yeah I mean I support thank you but there’s no like I’m honestly I’m nervous like actually I’m trained for this hey oh no no I mean I go to the gym I list but I haven’t started that that training yet do you thinking what I’m thinking no no no idea what you’re thinking when we need to change yeah oh we should train three I should train right now right yeah might as well the fights in like three hours five hours Wow yeah literally four hours yeah we have to Train bro Thank You money good last night what does this have to do with train you for a fight oh I just kind of do my laundry folded thank you you ready yeah you know that looks like someone’s fun I need that for my fight I need to wear that for my flight I’ll only be invincible Ola hold on back baby shake call this one is dropping guys so you’re probably wondering I go I’m the real Jake why are you this stupid like why are you fighting a professional MMA fighter and Jake Paulus let me tell you something number one it’s on my bucket list like I’ve always wanted to see like what it would be like to fight someone that is that good number two is I love to push myself outside of my comfort zone like right now I’m not comfortable at all I don’t want to fight this guy who would want to fight that guy but when you put yourself outside of your comfort zone usually great things happen ninety percent of the time now with this situation great things might not happen but you still could get into the habit of pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone and I challenge you guys on video today basis push yourself outside of your comfort zone when you live in a box and you’re comfortable nothing great happened the example I use is I could have like stayed in Ohio and just like went to school got a nine-to-five job and be comfortable but instead I took a risk and had the hustle and move out to Los Angeles at 17 years old and so that’s just an example of how you can like push yourself outside of your comfort zone I have a DD sorry I guess there’s only one thing left to do and it’s to fight in there’s no one’s gonna be like you got it yeah yeah yeah all right cool I got this alright guys so we just got here it’s really starting to get real am i nervous don’t be no no I’m ready for it yeah I’ll Tiger Pete where’s you he’s scared I guess yeah look at you cake coming in deep though I got the squad with me you know I’m almost wondering if I shouldn’t have brought as many people in case I lose it was gonna be more oh yeah yeah ah terrible Minh yeah you’re right yeah yeah they’re here they’re is holding back Phil I got call me back Jake I’m done Jacob I’m almost by time we got this Jim here I’m starting to really regret bringing my mom that’s right dumb right wait wait in fact the Chichibu days boy well I’ve wrestled bro I can do this I think you can do it I need your support team ten oh yeah he’s bonding with my dad hey next time go log within that a go Vlad wait huh yo you’re gonna die Oh your boys better hold me back you don’t want no I’m not holding nothing left you don’t got a hold of my back she’s gonna be crying when she sees hey you take that back all you have to do is look at this vlog camera compared to this one that ended let’s do the fight baby what’s your name my name is AJ AGA’s arm how tall are you i’m 5-8 165 pounds what’s your area of expertise in fighting I’m a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu a collegiate wrestler and all-around badass how many years of experience to a fighter practically my entire life I’ve been fighting see your beast on occasion Louie things can happen during the fight I don’t think that anyone should underestimate Jake he comes from the state of Ohio which is the best wrestling but he doesn’t know jiu-jitsu and he’s never had an MMA fight so I don’t give him a fighting chance you’ll be taking a knockout and first time no knockout ah we’ll see we’ll see how it goes but I hope Jake brings it because he’s gonna have his hands full all right sounds good one time of question for you um it was very important so what is your favorite flavor of pop Texas state your name Jake Paul how tall are you 6 foot 6 6 1 on a on a good day 199 good before the donuts yeah all right what’s your fighting expertise I’m really good at Twitter fight Twitter fingers yeah know that yeah ok yeah social media what do you thinks gonna happen during this fight well mm-hmm you know I think I think AJ is a really good fighter I think we’re going to have a fight I am me a lot of use this is a really good title and thumbnail probably gonna bleed so that’ll be a regular on now hundred thousand followers subscribers where they don’t call at least applause is a big place for you how long have you been fighting is my first fight do you like blueberry pop-tarts absolutely not can I have a donut yeah sweet do you think we’ll make it past the first round I don’t know I hope so do you want them to lose No what’s his name cake who’s the fighter hey Jay you’re gonna just tell him if he loses no but I will call neighbor wanted to ask help I’d be pretty embarrassed my son loss might be embarrassing but I love him anyway I’m not going to Tommy no I think which relationship with Jake he’s my son so did you train him well we were kind of don’t think together I’ll know fighting experience here’s what he doesn’t know I’m gonna tell Jake that Ajay took his dog it’s going to change bite game oh I don’t even know if it’s to do that Jake’s an animal which cake flavor done every gun every time what do you think’s going to win this fight who’s fighting Jake Paul Richards agent all that was that a question I mean I don’t know who agent is so I don’t even think that was a question I got Jake what’s his experience terminal hot we all wrestle together it’s all unique with the champion wrestle you know like the key yeah hey we were all champions what are your opinions of blueberry Pop Oh fine hello mate Oh what chap do you think is going to win this fight I feel like I’m the only one not seeing sense here and not this is the dumbest thing you think it’ll get too rowdy don’t just yeah Jake’s probably going to die from the first second or third round only the first like ten seconds what do you think about this whole situation what please fit it what do you think about what we’re doing what do you think about Jake fighting cuddly links those books are working great so you alright thank you for your time hey Chad you have to be back yeah what do you thinks gonna happen um Jake can I kick his ass shouting I would take this people rounds round one I’m gonna go with swinging I mean have you seen him he lived here Jake Todd I’m gonna be honest with you I’m not putting out there buddy all right thank you Chucky what do you thinks gonna happen sing em away you’re gonna win what are you winning fine you’ve been there like three bucks of that yeah but like I’m really good at fighting he show some moves LG chillin are you feeling how you feeling I’m ready to be the warm-up baby started kicking oh I spell out how ready okay don’t do that again please oh I hit my arm on that thing don’t do that on you you got it you got it are you ready are you ready yes I you got a good come on come on my lady if you like we’re going yep yep feels like yeah yeah you got this this is great come on boy what no no water till water Tony run it’s a strong point both you guys that the dollar is going to the dot can grab a doughnut triathlon the end of it they’re done without you yeah well I’m gonna choke oh yes how’d I look oh great oh great okay yay thanks dad I guess this guy Murch Lincoln Bob who is he strong hi Tyler I think you fellows thank you where did you put my hand disgrace what happened your dad called me up before he got you guys what the hell that one stars echo oh yeah I was happy it was done you got this day there was the donut goodness thing he got me an i/o honestly I thought oh he’s part of rage and you’re just gonna knock you out with that big boy seriously Oh getting me on the side of the head I don’t know if I can see right now and I’ll have my head oh how do I look to heat it it was violent it looked like I sucked no I won’t let your hold your own push the official decision supply the original decision winner by submission armbar awesome job monster legend hey first fight ever ever I was undefeated before the first fight ever so the rule is first loss I won now we have to stick together okay polish that was an experience of a lifetime I’m okay my head hurts a little bit it’s so tiring like and fun and you couldn’t stand up I know oh yeah you had to take me to the ground I’m good at fighting I’m good at box a me like through yeah I think he looked really strong yeah yeah like he look ever driven but it was like three minutes yeah no he at me I lost beside my head is really hurt but Jake polish oh so much fun guys thank you for coming whoa you’re sly man she’s got balls hey Jake brawler’s got balls that’s all I’m saying we’re savages fam guys don’t forget about the merch in the bio it’s always hot we got new items coming soon we will see you tomorrow because yes every day bro please I’m gonna watch my head Jake Pollard’s what’s up and check out this new March whoo that March is hot boy new items of merchandise limited time click the link make sure you’re subscribe to keep up with my life on a daily basis and if you want to see more content check out yesterday’s vlog because it is super lit plus I have a second channel Jake Paul to which you guys can subscribe to right now and if you want to see more content from everyone in the house our group channel is called team 10 check it see you guys tomorrow peace