LA Lakers vs Houston Rockets Full Game Highlights / Week 7 / Dec 3

Teams in the entire league Sunday night a Lakers basketball in spectrum Sports head is being presented by mercedes-benz tonight our Fuhrer James Harden leads the NBA in scoring and assists Yesterday scoop here is a three-point threat here CBG three Chris Paul Goes around Lopez inside out gonna go back to this fall water three Goes, lavet dream the opener of the season, but there seven and oh when he’s on the floor Larry Nance This is the mid-range look good work underneath offensive rebounders hide it under it and then allow the finals again One for Houston in the month of November and they were Dominant winning by about 17 points a night Ariza with the left hand as he goes around the defense by caldwell-pope Lonzo this is what he does it gets in ahead.

It’s 302 Baseline go all the way to rolls at home without learning a student here. He comes runs wide in the heart He takes it away. Now. They’ve got numbers Anderson for dream now it goes That’s what they do. I mean not that the Eternals nobody even look like that. He’s going to the painted area Play by crook just a hand off and last night each Laker loss together Lonzo three Having all kind of difficult years you know putting that tip in bad news manse has five boys.

Where’s the defense? Dog my heart. Here’s better go down as a shot of jail the vestige known almost one year. Yeah, he’s old for two but Right there pardon again goes to the basket you Hear the crowd They’re yelling Kyle coos misname as he comes in caldwell-pope at sea to the marine and go you wanted out Is it Houston? He goes around Randall shut up Doors, but Chris Paul still hooted right Peggy? He has the rebound on the defensive end now Gore Goes right down the middle for another Uncontested Houston don’t see ball again. We’re under a minute to play here in the quarter Rockets at Lakers tied at 23 seconds after they die good job by Julius of smothering Chris Paul Board meets the rookie Kuzma to the bag of sins for the Houston Rockets Ed Morris speaks him behind and steals it away three on three pull-ups Larson Right off a capella is taken by the Rockettes a Reason controls the basketball or a minute into the water Lord gets it very deep fog or Cal to back us We want you it is very comfortable and uses Gordon in ten minutes has 18 points on believable Think naked sports with me know that I can put up big numbers This ha bed rang That’s the play here in the first half.

She have the quarter so spread This is West James Harden and the Rockets love I’m gonna pull up with three No key periods where they can’t score perimeter basketball Kuzma long breathe down it goes This is what James likes to they switch big little PEZ with no chance no chance and then go help Brandon Ingram move in on the halfway mark of this quarter is that it range at this I sleep DJ thirteen two years Was given see how it all turned his face tossed a teepee without dribbling beats ball to get on track tonight Position Larry Open front of him switch on a truck Sauce corn ear cut the rock. It’s three minutes to place clock Bob boot a bit of a run here gets the Lakers Heart G.

Island one-on-one with logs of breezy in their island 23 to extended runs Rockets getting settled in layer as jr.. Uses the glass and scores He’s a double figures with 11. It’s a surprise underneath Gordon lays it in around Lonzo ball here He is trying to play defense on parties hard probes in the lane comes out easily now to Babu tanks So with the block a couple of priests to by the way top 5 defensive efficiency Shot Tucker Guzman got the basketball and it’s all about Trevor Ariza And they’re rusted to help and then recovered eternal star back for the Lakers Immediately then Tucker hits a three so he joins who leads the league adults his bro went down that time ahead of a DJ that robotics EP three for three Had a couple of blocks tonight Lonzo ball Kind of an underrated part of his game caldwell-pope Joey hits a three And then he hits the left big mismatch you cannot reach a secondary defenders when Lopez on this ball Tucker with two with one defeat the clock with short Ronzo ball tonight both the floor overall over three from three capela Running to the rim takes the pass all 11 so make somebody else becomes a playmate it must be sold to Hall lobby I’m sorry Could go right out of again, that’s exactly what he’s trying to do now inside out called Knocks it down the beach down 18 Alonso certainly has been shut down tonight.

What’s the best? Houston out of files Lakers all you want is a quarter now, it’s up to Larry Nance Good work that way to cut back to hustle back after the mist to fill in the lane now. He’s gonna shoot Tucker can’t connect, baba, Khalid again it ain’t room with the handle these go to attach Oh all the way. This is tips up an empire. Yeah Through the air and lay it up and in Chris Paul Houston uniform Navigates Gets it to pretty much anywhere Houston Rockets Randall Chris Paul trying to maneuver around it. She was a free and there all over Jewish bounces to maintain Long lines go baseline, but better of it right photoelectric banks fellow Swishes it that dipped in it came out Koosman Lost its goal, but somehow it up. Take it by the Lakers That last play by Koosman cut to the basket then catch and hammer one You know he talked about Kuzma missing some dunks see he has to almost cup it He doesn’t hit so Blake goes gets followed up a bit out to Tucker Who’s my hat? Capela went right over the big compeller goes to the rim get a chance to see philly again Ben Simmons JoEllen feed Kuzmic captured shoot knocked down that corny.

Kyle – 21 minutes of action chasing Bob wrote a letter to Him in the NBA this year’s perfect be delivered NASA Ingram off the glass to store Good read by Brandon II now they break it up Who’s my basket fourth and all the way with on left hand join some speed and simple? Games are getting mr.. Right back clarinets. I’ve tried. I’ve minutes to play Stores granted once again tp3 the rebound goes you’ve got 1663 tonight Somehow they have gonna throw everything at it Babu take Heart with three at the clock Kuzma do it work parties after Ron de Weber was missing And Chris Paul adds to his wetland so that That’ll help limit your time with @t.

Yeah, whatever. He was at Houston with the Lakers acquired of Ku is one he got Jackson in the game Goods house is that two minutes slanted over the help liked our victory The Lakers now have dropped five straight. They’re eight and fifteen they’re below 500 at home, and they go out on the road look They’ve all been drawn in phoenix there to an eight on the road, and we’ll see if they can get well there soon.